Builders: Pre-construction termite protection

Renovating, extending or building a brand new home?

The Building Regulations 2006 requires all new houses, including extensions to have some form of termite management solution against termite attack!  

A new building must have its structural members protected against the concealed entry of subterranean termites in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000
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We can provide you with options to suit your needs and budget, including:Description of photo here

  •  Chemical soil barriers
  •  Physical barriers
  •  Slab penetration shields/collars

Ultimately the local council must qualify the property for a Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of its construction. Therefore it is very important you ensure the structure is protected during the construction phase with a sufficient termite barrier by arranging Part A & Part B level certified protection for the dwelling. 

We recommend that you consider a physical barrier termite management solution or chemical termite treatment for your next building project.

DAP Pest Control is uniquely structured to service the needs of builders, around all of Melbourne and much of Victoria.

We have a proven record of providing outstanding, reliable and timely service. Our technicians are accredited and qualified to install both chemical termite soil barriers and physical barriers to protect newly constructed homes from subterranean termites. In particular we provide HomeGuard termite management products in partnership with FMC Australasia Pty Ltd.
What is HomeGuard?
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HomeGuard is a Precision Termite Management System which works as a physical and chemical subterranean termite barrier in one. It is installed to the foundations of new buildings or extensions eg. Installed under/in slab and the perimeter wall cavity.

This leading pest control technology is a safe solution for your workers and home owners, designed to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents the concealed entry of subterranean termites to the building for at least 50 years.

HomeGuard is also Codemark Accredited and approved for building work Australia-wide, providing certification within the requirements of the Australian Standards AS3660.1-2000.
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Why choose HomeGuard products?

HomeGuard is a cost effective choice, requiring only a single-installation which fits seamlessly within the first stages of the construction process. In many cases, HomeGuard sheeting serves a dual purpose both as a subterranean termite physical barrier and as a Building Code of Australia compliant moisture barrier, thereby reducing costs.
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A HomeGuard barrier offers the homeowner total peace of mind protecting your clients from the financial costs associated with subterranean termite damage because it is backed by a 
25 Year Million Dollar Manufacturer’s Warranty, covering all structural and decorative timbers that have been protected by our accredited technicians – none of which is covered by general home insurance.
At DAP we are committed to providing long term termite control solutions for our customers. 
We are excited to be able to provide this range of HomeGuard products to our builders and subsequently their new homeowners. 

Read the HomeGuard brochure which describes the available product range in further detail and the associated conditions.(PDF 2.8MB)
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Call us on  0459 210 482   if you would like to discuss the HomeGuard product
or other available pre-construction pest solutions.

What if I've found live termites on the job?

If you are renovating or extending an existing property and suspect you have come across live termites, we recommend a DAP technician carries out a thorough visual inspection of the dwelling as soon as possible to assess the extent of the damage and recommend a treatment program (if required) to exterminate the infestation before you continue any further building works.

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